Direct marketing techniques have been around for quite a while at this point. And while some might argue that social media has overtaken direct marketing as the way to reach potential customers, there are many who would argue in the other direction as well. Direct marketing is still around because it works, and savvy business owners utilize what works to their advantage.

Through the use of direct mail lists, you can create a targeted campaign that will hit just the specific demographic you are looking for to draw business. Direct mail tools are often personalized which appeals to a majority of the buying public, and can get them interested in looking at your marketing piece before they even know it. Direct mail pieces speak straight to the potential customer as few other things can – they are holding your communication in their hand and that is powerful.

Direct marketing using mail products and direct mail lists is a cost effective method of getting your message out in front of your consumer segment. It just costs less than many other forms of marketing available in the industry today. The types of post cards, enticement offers, discounts or coupons, and other incentives that can be sent as direct mailers to potential customers generally pull in fast sales – it is almost immediate. Customers get the mailer and take it with them when they go to the physical location, or have it in front of them when they go online. This personal connection is potent, and it can be either the start of a long, fruitful business relationship or the cement in a standing arrangement that strengthens what is already there.

When you use direct mail marketing, you can target specific groups of customers, and this allows for better results than other methods – even social media which can be too widespread and arbitrary. In many instances, you achieve nearly instant feedback rather than the kind of nebulous response that other methods tend to generate. What’s more, with mailers that have specific offers or coupons that require the piece to be presented, the results can be quantified – you know exactly what kind of response you got from the effort. This allows you to plan future campaigns and understand approximate results as you grow and move forward.

Direct mail is well known – it is familiar and reliable. This is one of the main reasons it is still used today. It garners positive feedback and is rarely seen as intrusive or irritating – something to avoid when trying to bring in new business. If your business is geared for it, using catalogs or free trials of product are especially effective in getting potential buyers interested in what you have to offer.

Get up close and personal, front and center for your potential new customers by sending them a direct mailer and you will be sure to get positive and lasting results. The benefits absolutely outweigh the work involved to get a direct mail campaign up and running, especially when working with a direct mail partner who can help you get the results you need.